Bon (my spouse) and I visited Laguna  Beach on
that promised Thursday.  The water was clear, the
sky blue, and we collected shells.

A few days later, I composed this piece in honor of
my mother.  I am not a former sailor, nor nautical
by any means... rather, I think the memories of
Laguna filled my mind with images of ships, sea,
and sailors.

Much love in Christ always and unconditionally;



Last Voyage

The wood was old and sea-turned gray,
Yet ‘twas that ship I loved that day
Which sailed beyond my sight.

White sails tattered and yes, they shook,
From cold north winds that overtook
The ship but ne’er its pride.

Ev’ry hewn plank and salted nail
I thought in heart would ever sail,
Within our fleet at night.

But Wind did blow a homeward breeze.
And called the ship to take its leave,
And sail to Captain’s side.

What angel crew now mans the deck?
What form will ship now resurrect?
I know not ‘till first light.

But we in whites on pier now stand,
Christ and sailors uplifting hands
Though we much tears have cried.

Aye and then; yea once again,
Into the port of heaven
Sails a much loved friend.


(c) Copyright Caryn LeMur 2007
The Collection of Short Works,
Letters, and Poems
Last Voyage
My mother passed away on  
Wednesday, 18 April 2007.

She lived in Long Beach, California.
 She was found in the morning by
her houseman (that took care of
the interior of the home).  She
was as if asleep, in her favorite
recliner chair.

She was one of those mothers
that determined to love her
children, no matter what.  She
accepted me with open arms of
mercy and grace.  She was a living
picture of Jesus' love and

By God's providence, I was not in
my normal area of Virginia, but
instead, was but a few miles away
in Anaheim, California.  I was at a
conference and had presented a
paper on Tuesday.  My Mother
and I had planned to visit Laguna
Beach on Thursday.

That Wednesday morning, I drove
the rental car to my mother's
home.  And, I met my other sisters

And then, I sat next to Mother,
holding her hand.  It was our way
of saying good-bye.  After several
hours, the coroner came, and
Mother was gone.
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